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Group B Washi Paper

Group B Washi Paper
Very Good Quality Papers - Front to Back:
Torinoko Light Weight, Torinoko White, Torinoko Cream

These versatile papers are of very good quality. They are either handmade, or partially so, from a mixture of fiber and buffered, acid free wood pulp. Of medium-light to heavyweight, all are strong enough to handle multi-block printing. This group of medium priced Washi is recommended for serious students and professional printmakers on a budget.

Different printing papers can be combined to qualify for the quantity discounts.

Paper is shipped rolled. If you prefer that we ship it flat, tell us in the box marked "Special Instructions" in the Shopping Cart. With few exceptions, shipping fees will be substantially higher because of the size of the package. Please let us know if you would like to know these fees before we ship.

Group B Washi Paper

Torinoko Light Weight - Cream    24" x 35.75"

This very uniform, fine fibered handmade paper is translucent and soft to the touch; a lovely paper for book arts as well as any printmaking technique. Takes ink beautifully. An exceptional bargain for paper this well made and containing such a high percentage of Gampi, a fiber that is becoming increasingly rare in Japan. Tears exceptionally well.

Sized, handmade (four deckle edges)

P6855 Sized? gm/ sqM Fiber content 1-24 sheets 25-49 sheets 50+ sheets
yes 50 70% gampi, 30% mitsumata $10.75 $10.20 $9.68

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Torinoko - White    25" x 37"

Very smooth on one side and fairly rough on the other, this heavy machine-made paper is sized for moku hanga. Traditionally you print on the smooth side, but either side can be used. It also works well for western-style printmaking techniques, including wood engraving, if lightly dampened first.

Sized, machine made (no deckles)

*P6853 Sized? gm/ sqM Fiber content 1-24 sheets 25-49 sheets 50+ sheets
yes 145 70% mitsumata, 30% pulp $17.60 $16.72 $15.84

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*Currently out of stock. More should arrive in January, 2021. If you order this paper, it will be placed on backorder and shipped as soon as possible. You will not be charged until we ship it and there is no additional shipping charged on backorders shipped within the U.S. Thank you for your patience.

Torinoko - Cream    25" x 37"
P6854 Sized? gm/ sqM Fiber content 1-24 sheets 25-49 sheets 50+ sheets
yes 150 70% mitsumata, 30% pulp $17.60 $16.72 $15.84

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