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Blocks & Plates
Blocks and Plates

From top to bottom: Mounted ArtPrint Linoleum, Shina Plywood, Cherry Plywood, and Gomuban.

All of the blocks and plates we carry are suitable for relief printmaking. Here is a quick guide:

For Woodcut and Woodblock Printmakers

Shina Plywood, available exclusively from McClain's in the U.S., is a favorite wood for woodcut or woodblock artists. It is soft enough to carve easily and hard enough to hold a crisp line.

Cherry is a very hard wood. Sharp tools are essential for cutting cherry successfully. Very fine lines and marks can be carved into cherry.

For Linoleum Printmakers

Linocut Blocks are made by applying the highest grade battleship linoleum to a wooden base that is then beveled around the edges. The wooden backing makes the linoleum stiff so it is easy to carve and easy to handle while inking; the beveled edge prevents the wood from picking up ink.

For Monotype Printmakers

Ink is applied and manipulated directly on Monotype Plates and then printed onto paper. It is the most painterly form of relief printmaking. These are thin enough to print successfully using dry paper.