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International Shipping

Shipping Costs

Shipping rates vary depending upon the country, the value and weight of the package and how quickly you want to receive your order.

After you place your online order, we will email you with your shipping choices and costs. Then we will wait for your reply before sending the package to you. You must respond with your shipping choice before we will ship your order. If you decide to cancel your order after reading your shipping choices, we will gladly do so and we will not contact you again. Nothing is charged to your credit card until the order is shipped.

If you already know how you would like us to ship your order, please add this information in the box marked "Special Instructions" in the shopping cart.

These are examples of the lowest shipping fees for a small, 1lb (.45kg) package as of June, 2024. Depending on weight, size and value, shipping fees will increase from these base amounts.

Australia: $38.85

Canada: $25.14

Mexico: $25.90

Japan: $32.40

Minimum Order

We do not require a minimum order. But keep in mind that once the base shipping fee is paid, additional weight is less expensive to ship.

As an example, to ship a large, 4lb (1.8kg) package valued at U.S. $200 to the U.K., the cost as of March 2018 would be:

Priority Mail Express International: $80.86 ($20.22/lb)
Priority Mail International: $67.51 ($16.88/lb)
Global Post: $37.40 ($9.35/lb)

While an 8lb (3.6kg) package valued at U.S. $400, the cost would be:

Priority Mail Express International: $97.84 ($12.23/lb)
Priority Mail International: $84.58 ($10.57/lb)
Global Post: $47.53 ($5.92/lb)

If you know other printmakers in your area, you might want to get together with them and place one large order. Then you can share the cost of shipping.

Shipping Options

We use the U.S. Postal Service because their rates are lower than other carriers and if the value of the package is small, your customs service may not require payment of duty. For most parts of the world, the U.S. Postal Service offers PMEI (Priority Mail Express International), with expected delivery in 3-5 days; and Priority Mail International, with expected delivery in 6-10 days. The actual time it takes for your package to be delivered will depend on your customs and postal services.

We also use Global Post Standard, a less expensive, third-party shipping service which uses its own sorting facilities. Packages are then delivered through the Postal Service of the receiving country.

We can also ship your order by UPS Worldwide Express or UPS Worldwide Expedited, but their prices will be significantly higher because they charge a brokerage fee plus full duty and taxes on every shipment. However, they do guarantee delivery by a given date, so if you are facing a deadline, ask us to let you know the cost of shipping by UPS as well U.S. Mail. You will want to contact your local UPS office for exact brokerage and duty fees for your order.

Duty and Taxes

Duty and taxes are not included in our shipping estimates. They are assessed by the customs service in your country and collected when the package is delivered to you. You will need to contact your local post office or customs office to get an idea of what these will be.


We do not accept payment by PayPal, international purchase orders, checks or wire transfers. Payment must be made by credit card. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

Nothing is charged to your credit card until we know your shipping choice and we ship your order.


If an item is not in stock, we can either 1) ship the rest of your order and let you know when it is back in stock again; or 2) we can wait until your order is complete and ship everything together. Shipping is charged for backordered items going to international addresses. We will contact you with these choices if an item is out of stock.


In our catalog and instructions sheets we do our best to inform you about the care and use of our products. All merchandise is carefully inspected upon arrival and again when it is packaged for your order. We take extra care packing our product for shipping and welcome any suggestions that might improve our methods.

We sincerely want you to be fully satisfied with any product you receive from us. If you are not satisfied with an item, please contact us and arrange to return it within a reasonable time for exchange or a full refund in the manner of the original payment.

The only exception to this policy is paper. Due to the fragile nature of paper and the possibility of damage, we cannot accept returns. We strongly recommend purchasing a Washi Sample Book or one or two sheets of paper to test before buying a large quantity so you know the paper you are purchasing is satisfactory.

Our obligation is limited to the cost of the item; shipping costs are not covered. A restocking fee equal to 10% of the value of the item will be charged for items returned after three months. Please note we are not responsible for damage caused by misuse or abuse of these products.

If you have more questions, please call or email .