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McClain’s gathers the highest quality relief printmaking supplies from around the world for creating woodcuts, engravings, linocuts and monotypes. Everyone who works at McClain’s is a printmaker and we are happy to answer any questions you have about supplies or printmaking techniques. We are here to help you and your students reach your printmaking goals.

Purchase Order

Purchase Orders

In addition to payment by credit card, McClain’s accepts Purchase Orders from schools in the United States. We will need:

  • 1) A Purchase Order or the Purchase Order number from your accounting or purchasing department
  • 2) The Accounts Payable billing address for your school
  • 3) The shipping address

Our terms are Net 30. Need a W9 tax form? Call or email and we will send it right away.

Volume Discounts:
5%, 10% or more

Volume Discounts

While we do not offer a blanket school or student discount, we do offer quantity discounts on many supplies, such as tools, wood and paper. You can find the complete list at Volume Discounts.

0% Sales Tax 🙂

Sales Tax

Simple. Oregon does not have a sales tax so we never charge sales tax on any purchase.



If your accounting department needs a quote before issuing a Purchase Order, please either:

  • 1) Email your supply list to us at and request a quote; OR
  • 2) Place your order online. In the shopping cart under “5. Payment Information,” choose “Payment Type: Purchase Order” and for the “Purchase Order Number” write “Quote.” You can also request that we send you a quote in the box marked “Special Instructions” on the second page of the shopping cart.

We will email (or fax if you prefer) the quote to you including volume discounts plus estimated shipping costs as soon as possible during our business hours, which are 10:00 to 5:00 Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

Cell Phone order order form shipping boxes

Group Orders

To save your students money on shipping and to get them the best discounts on supplies, you can coordinate a group order.

Call 800-832-4264 or email us at and let us know that you plan to have your students place a group order. This is the information we need:

  • 1) Your deadline for receiving the supplies
  • 2) The number of students who will be placing orders
  • 3) The list of the supplies the students will be ordering from McClain's. We will pull the supplies for your class so you know they will be in stock. Sending your complete supply list to us is often helpful in case students ask us questions.
  • 4) The shipping address you want us to use
  • 5) Please tell your students to order online at least 10 days in advance of your deadline for receiving the supplies. Tell them to give us your name and the name of the school as the shipping address and also ask them to tell us they are in your class in the box marked "Special Instructions" on the second page of the shopping cart.

Tip: Some teachers have their students order during class, passing a phone around until everyone has placed their order. This guarantees that everyone gets their order in on time and they all have the supplies they will need for your class.

We will apply the appropriate volume discounts to their orders. The orders will be shipped together and the cost of shipping will be split evenly between the students, a BIG savings for them.

The order will be sent to the shipping address you give us by UPS. Shipping can take from 7 to 10 days so please plan accordingly.

catalog cover

Order Free McClain’s Catalogs for Students

Please call or email us at , let us know that you are a teacher and how many free catalogs you need. You can also request multiple free catalogs when you place an online order in the box marked “Special Instructions” on the second page of the shopping cart.

learning center

Learning Center

Check out the relief printmaking Information sheets on our Learning Center page. The handouts are all copyright-free so feel free to share links or download, print and pass them around to your students.

Thank you so much for your support! Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.