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Whetstones (Toishi)

From left to right are the Work Sharp WS3000, Natural Toishi and Molded Ceramic Toishi. In the back row from left to right are the Shiageto (fine) Toishi, Chudo (medium) Toishi and Arato (coarse) Toishi.

Maintaining sharp, mirror-like edges on carving tools is essential for smooth and precise cutting. This sharpening is done using either natural sedimentary or ceramic water stones.

You can also maintain the edge on your tools for a very long time by frequently honing them on a leather strop or Leather Honing Block.

Patience and lots of practice will teach you the correct way to keep your tools in top condition. For detailed instructions, go to Learning Center and look under "Whetstones" or call McClain's: 800-832-4264.

FYI, the grit descriptions are in Japanese, or JIS, units. These are different from U.S. grit units. Click here to see a full conversion chart (compiled by Smokintbird).

McClain's also offers professional sharpening by our tool manufacturer. For more information, please go to Professional Services.