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Inkjet Transfer Paper

Inkjet Transfer Paper

Images printed on this heavy duty, double-sided waxed paper can be transferred onto any absorbent material such as paper, linoleum or wood.

It will not work on hard or slick surfaces, such as Gomuban, Resingrave or other plastic surfaces. The ink stays tacky and smears because it cannot be absorbed into the material.

Scan an image into your computer and print it on a sheet of Inkjet Transfer Paper. The ink stays wet on the paper for several minutes, giving you plenty of working time. (The printer has to be an inkjet because an inkjet printer puts down ink that will stay wet on the transfer paper. Laser jet printers use heat to set the ink so the ink would just dry immediately.)

Place printed side down on the block. Tape the Inkjet Transfer Paper in place, put a piece of newsprint, tracing paper or ategami on top and rub with a baren, brayer or wooden spoon. The image will immediately transfer completely and cleanly to the block.

Wipe gently and reuse both sides several times.

Inkjet Transfer Paper

Now Available in Two Sizes!

  Size Shipping Weight Price Enter Quantity
E4515 Pack of 10
8.5" x 11"
0.4lb $4.99

E4516 Pack of 10
12" x 15"
0.7lb $7.99