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self healing cutting mats, green and black

Self Healing Cutting Mats

These professional quality mats come with one green and one black side and both sides have grid lines to help you cut accurately.

The mats are extra durable and extra thick (3mm or a little less than 1/8"). The outer layers, printed with grid lines, are semi-soft vinyl. The inner layer is harder and provides the self-sealing qualities.

Designed to be used with rotary or Exacto blades.

For safely reasons, some teachers use these in place of glass for rolling out ink.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or extreme heat. Store flat or hang to avoid warping. Clean with warm water and a mild detergent.

Self Healing Cutting Mats

  Dimensions Price Enter Quantity
E5030 12" x 18" $22.95

E5031 18" x 24" $36.00