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Tool Sharpening in Japan     DATE OF NEXT SHIPMENT TO JAPAN:  May 31, 2024

Any tool purchased from McClain's can be returned to the Japanese manufacturer for professional sharpening. Please do not send tools made by other manufacturers. Our manufacturer only sharpens the tools they make. If you send other manufacturer's tools, they will be returned to you unsharpened.

To hold down shipping and handling costs, the tools are returned at the same time that an order for more tool inventory is placed; then all of the tools, new and re-sharpened, are shipped back to the U.S. together. So allow at least eight to twelve weeks for the round trip. The price for sharpening is only $6.00 per tool.

In the package with the tools, please include a note telling us you want them to be sharpened. Do not include payment. We will send the tools to Japan and notify you of the total due, including return shipping, when the tools come back.

Please send the tools to McClain's, PO Box 230759, Tigard, OR 97281-0759.


Daniel Jasa tool sharpening

Tool Sharpening in the U.S.

Daniel Jasa from Portland, Oregon sharpens all sorts of tools including Japanese woodcarving tools from McClain's. He also teaches classes on sharpening. His email address is or call 503-929-1188.


Edward C. Lyons

Brad at Edward C. Lyons Company sharpens all E.C. Lyons tools as well as tools made by other manufacturers. He is also willing to shorten the blades on engraving tools for a better fit. E. C. Lyons has been making hand intaglio, engraving and western style wood carving tools since 1898. Their web site is and you can contact Brad at or by calling 718-881-7270.


Tom Veling of Arbor Wood & Restoration offers sharpening services for engraving tools. He also shortens tools, repairs handles and resurfaces used blocks. Contact Tom at