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Learning Centre

Baren & Presses

Ball Bearing Baren Manual

How to Replace the Cover on a Baren

How to Use a Baren

Murasaki Baren Care Instructions

Printing by PinPress

Blocks & Plates

Basswood and Shina Comparison

How to Sand Basswood Plywood

How to Use a Registration Board

How to Use QuikWood

Preparing Cherry Plywood Blocks for Printing

Preparing Linocut Blocks for Printing

Preparing Unmounted Linoleum for Printing

Resingrave Tips

Sealing Wood Blocks

Brushes & Brayers

Care of Brushes

How to Make Tokibo

Maru Bake Hairsplitting Directions

Care of Brayers


Engraving Tool Information

Resingrave Tips

Using a Crocker Sharpener


Akua Inks on Woodblocks

Akua Intaglio Ink Instructions

Akua Liquid Pigment Monotype Instructions

Caligo Safe Wash Relief Inks, Product Information

Caligo Color Mixing Tips

Gamblin Relief Ink Color Mixing Tips and Color Swatches

Holbein Paste Pigments Color Chart

Ink Comparison Chart

Nori paste tips

Recipe for Pure Rice Starch Paste and Using Rice Starch for Collage

Solvents and Studio Safety


Dosa (Sizing) Paper

Paper Descriptions

Washi Information

Whetstones & Sharpening

How to Use a Leather Honing Block

Using a Crocker Sharpener

Using Japanese Waterstones

Woodblock Tools

How to Cut Down the Handles of Japanese Tools

How to Prevent Damaged or Broken Tools

How to Set the Hoops on Japanese Chisels

Replacing Blades in Futatsu Wari Tools

The Traditional Way to Hold Japanese Tools

The Traditional Way to Hold the Knife

Woodblock Tool Information

How to Modify the NT Stencil Cutter to Cut Wood or Linoleum


2016 Printmaker Survey, advice from linocut artists

Kento: Japanese Registration

How to Make a One-Color Print in the Japanese Style

Printmakers Registration System (Western style) by Maurice Fykes

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The Traditional Way to Hold Japanese Tools

How to Hand Print a Blended/Gradient Roll with Oil Based Ink (video)