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Our Glassine is acid-free, buffered, lignin free, neutral PH and it is approved for archival purposes.

Wrap prints in Glassine or use it as a slip sheet -- place it between each print in a stack, so that ink that is not completely dry on one print will not offset onto the back of another.

Glassine paper is super-calendared (rolled between cylinders under high pressure until it has a glossy finish) so that it is slick, grease resistant, has a high resistance to the passage of air, and is almost impervious to the passage of water vapor. It is very smooth and semi-transparent.

Please Note: Glassine is not combinable with other papers for quantity discounts. Shipped rolled.

Acid free.

  Dimensions (inches) Price Enter Quantity
P7020 Glassine in sheets 24" x 36", 1lb, approx. 25 sheets $29.75

P7025 Glassine in sheets 24" x 36", 3.5lb, approx. 65 sheets SAVE 10% $69.60

P7030 Glassine in rolls 36" x 300' roll $120.00