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Engraving Tools
Collection of Engraving Tools

From the front, left to right, are Resingrave Blocks and Resingrave Plates. In the back is a Crocker Sharpener, India Combination Stone and Sharpening Stone Oil; a 9" Sandbag with a toned Resingrave block being carved; and McClain's Six Engraving Tool Set plus a variety of open stock tools.

These are the tools you need to work Resingrave as well as other types of wood engraving blocks. They are made using high carbon tool steel.

The blades on the Angle Tints, Elliptic Tints, Flat and Round Gravers, and Multiple Line tools are 2.75" long; total length with the handle is 4.6". The blade on the Burins is 3.2" long, total length with the handle is 4.9". The smallest marks are made with Size 1 tools; the larger the size, the wider the mark the tool makes.

What the Tools Do

Engraving tools come from the manufacturer "factory sharp," which means they are given a basic shape, but they need to be sharpened in order to carve well.

For more information about engraving materials and sharpening engraving tools, please go to Basic Instructions and look under "Engraving."