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Akua Liquid Pigment bottles

Akua Liquid Pigment

(formerly Akua Kolor)

Apply Akua Liquid Pigment with brushes, brayers or special Applicators.

This slow drying water-based, water-soluble ink gives a long working time on the plate or block and has an exceptionally rich working consistency. Prints dry to a velvety matte finish with brilliant, luminous color. Akua Liquid Pigment is the perfect choice for printing multi-layered plates or blocks.

Developed for monotype printmaking, Akua Liquid Pigment also works right out of the bottle for moku hanga, where ink is applied to a wood block with a stiff brush.

Add Tack Thickener or air dry on the slab or in a shallow dish overnight and roll the ink out with a brayer.

Akua Liquid Pigment is made of the highest quality, light-fast pigments and pure gum binders. No chalk, fillers, polymers or resins are added.

The ink does not contain dryers. Drying time will vary depending on the amount of ink used and the absorbency of the paper as well as climate. Typically a light coat of ink applied to absorbent paper will take two hours to dry; heavy coats applied to hard surfaced paper may take as long as two weeks. Once it is completely dry, the ink is not reversible.

Akua Liquid Pigment is non-toxic, and is a labeled, approved product conforming to ASTMD-4236.

For more information about Akua Liquid Pigment, visit the manufacturer's web site at, or go to Learning Center and look under "Ink," or call McClain's for hard copy information sheets.