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Gamblin Textile Ink

Gamblin Textile Ink

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After seven years of printing woodblock on over 30,000 t-shirts, Drive By Press collaborated with Gamblin to perfect a rich, dark black ink perfect for printing on t-shirts or any other cotton based fabric. This ink is formulated for even coverage, quick drying time and color fastness wash after wash. (Please note that this ink is not set with heat, and it is not water based or water soluble; it is made with linseed oil and is cleaned up with mineral spirits.)

To learn more about Drive By Press and the great work they do promoting printmaking, please go to

International customers: if you only order one can of ink and this is the only item you order, as of August 2023 the least expensive shipping ranges between $43.00 and $64.00 depending on destination. You may want to add more items to your order since additional weight ships for less per pound, or find other printmakers and order together to split shipping costs.

Gamblin Textile Ink

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Gamblin Textile Ink, 1 lb can