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Konaunmo - powdered mica

powdered mica from Japan

Powdered mica has been popular with printmakers and painters in Japan for centuries. It adds a shimmery elegance to one's work.

Sprinkle or lightly brush over the freshly made print, either directly on wet, water-based paint or ink; nori (rice paste) or glue; or oil based ink. A stencil can be used to confine the mica to a specific part of the print or painting. Wait for the area to dry somewhat before shaking off the excess, then store this surplus mica for future use.

For a more subtle effect, mica can also be mixed with the ink before printing. It is especially effective mixed with bokuju or sumi ink. Experiment for a variety of effects and colors.

The differences between the grits is very subtle. Basically, Rough looks like very fine glitter, and Medium is more like powdered sugar with a few glints of regular sugar.

Konaunmo comes in 50 gram jars.

Shipping Weight: 0.4 lb

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E5612 Medium, 50 gram jar $7.50

E5614 Rough, 50 gram jar $7.50