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Monotype Plate

Monotype Plates

Water based inks like Akua Liquid Pigment look their most intense printed on dry paper, but traditional monotype plates are often too thick and the paper can buckle or tear around the edges of the plate as it is run through a press. These plates are .762mm (0.030" or slightly less than 1/32") thick and will print onto dry paper without damage.

The plates are thin enough to cut easily into any size with a sharp utility knife. Unlike mylar film they are stiff enough to ink up and handle without difficulty.

Crystal clear and smooth, it is easy to copy designs placed under the plate. With water-based ink, clean with soap and water (Savvy Soap works well) or rub with Bon Ami if the plate becomes stained. With oil-based ink, clean with Gamsol or Savvy Soap.

Volume Discount

Receive a 5% discount on orders of 12 or more of the same size monotype plates. Different sizes cannot be combined for this discount. The discount is given automatically when you place your order.

Monotype Plates

  Size Ship Weight Price Enter Quantity
D1848 18 x 24 1.5 $19.95

D1843 9 x 12 0.4 $4.95

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