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Painterly Printmaking with Monotype

Painterly Printmaking with Monotype
with Julia and Gail Ayres

Together Julia Ayres and her daughter Gail Ayres open the exciting world of expressive monotype printmaking. Gail and Julia love their work and it shows in this instructional video.

Using the PinPress monotype roller and non-toxic Akua inks, they explore and combine techniques using a wide variety of materials. Everything from brushes to brayers, Q-tips to fingertips, Needle Applicators and even lint-free cloths are used to create images on the plate. You learn both additive and reductive monotype techniques and you will see how to successfully do multiple plate drops, use stencils, print ghost images and build upon earlier prints to create a new image.

Gail and Julia Ayres teach monotype printmaking in their northeast Oklahoma studio and nationwide. This high quality, professionally produced instructional DVD brings the Ayres' workshops to artists, teachers and students world-wide.

Painterly Printmaking with Monotype

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