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Woodblock Tools

Futatsu Wari Moku Hanga To

Professional two part woodblock carving tools

Futatsu Wari Moku Hanga To Sets

Moku Hanga Nomi

Woodblock cutting chisels and gouges

Josei Moku Hanga To

Superior quality woodblock carving tools

Josei Moku Hanga To Sets

Namisei Moku Hanga To

Standard quality woodblock carving tools

Namisei Moku Hanga To Sets

Kibori Nomi

Large sculpting chisels

Ko Dogu

Small sculpting carving tools

NT Stencil Cutter

Also cuts paper, wood and linoleum


Wooden mallets

Tool and Brush Carriers

Hanga Sagyodai

Bench Hook

Registration Boards

Vertical Bench Hooks

Four vertical Bench Hooks, from 9x12 to 18x24

Horizontal Bench Hooks

Two horizontal Bench Hooks, 12x16 and 16x20

Hanga Sagyodai (Bench Hook)

Keep your hands safe! Bench hooks hold the block in place so you can carve with both hands on the tool, keeping your free hand out of harm's way. It is easy to to slide the block to any position you like. Bench hooks also protect tabletops from slips of the tool. They are indispensable when using a mallet to drive a chisel through the wood.

Our bench hooks are made from 3/8" thick plywood. The end boards are both glued and nailed for durability. The top board is notched so the block can be placed at an angle for easy carving.

Most carvers have several bench hooks to support blocks of different sizes and shapes. A good starting size is 12x16.

If you do not see the size you want, we will be happy to make a custom size bench hook for you. Please allow one week for making custom bench hooks.

Hanga Sagyodai, Vertical

  Size Shipping Weight Price Enter Quantity
E5009 9 in x 12 in, vertical 0.9 $12.50

E5012 12 in x 16 in, vertical 1.5 $15.95

E5014 14 in x 20 in, vertical 2.5 $17.50

E5018 18 in x 24 in, vertical 3.25 $24.50

Hanga Sagyodai, Horizontal

  Size Shipping Weight Price Enter Quantity
E5012H 12 in x 16 in, horizontal 1.5 $15.95

E5016H 16 in x 20 in, horizontal 2.5 $18.20

Hanga Sagyodai, Special Order

E5020 Special order:
per sq. inch
You can call our office to place special orders:

Or use the calculator in the right column.

Allow one week for custom orders to be shipped.

per sq. inch

Custom Hanga Sagyodai are not available at this time.