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QuikWood tube


This is the best putty we have found for repairing linoleum and wood blocks.

QuikWood is strong, fast-setting, hand-mixable, NON-SHRINKING epoxy putty. It feels like modeling clay and looks like a tootsie roll, with the base material wrapped around the curing agent. After it has cured, it is very similar to wood in hardness and density. Quickwood can be carved just like wood and it accepts ink very well.

Just cut or twist off a small amount, mix well and press it into the area you want to repair. Wait about an hour, then sand and carve. When you are ready to print, charge the block with two or three proof prints. After that, you will not see the repair because unlike regular wood putty, which contracts as it dries, QuikWood does not shrink. We recommend experimenting with QuikWood on a scrap of wood before using it on a block you plan to print.

Because it is epoxy, wear gloves when you are handling QuikWood and a mask when you are sanding it. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available upon request. QuikWood has a shelf life of two years if it is kept at room temperature in its original package.

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E5460 3.5" long, 1 oz 0.2 lb $7.95 each