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Gamblin Relief Ink, 3 colors

Gamblin Relief Ink and Modifiers

Gamblin Relief Ink colors are available in 175ml cans (6.5 fluid ounces).


These inks are heavily pigmented. To extend the ink or make it more transparent, add pigmented ink to Gamblin Relief Ink Transparent Base.

Depending on the technique, temperature, humidity, paper and type of plate, all inks may need slight adjustments to print perfectly. Add small amounts of these modifiers into the ink and mix well before adding more.

To thin relief ink so it spreads easily, add Gamblin #000 Burnt Plate Oil. Add sparingly; details may be lost if the ink becomes too fluid. Tack Reducer is a transparent gel made from a very light drying oil. Small amounts added to the ink will reduce tack so the ink spreads out more readily and evenly. Gamblin Magnesium Carbonate stiffens the ink and reduces the ink's gloss level.

Portland Intense Black is just that - intense. When you are mixing colors, add it in very tiny amounts. It is easy to overdo it.

The colors shown below may be affected by your monitor settings and are intended to be used as a guide only.

Also available in discounted Sets. Please see the list under "Gamblin Relief Ink" in the left-hand column.

Gamblin Relief Ink

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Portland Intense Black (with a cool undertone)
Opaque, PBk7, PB27:1

Gamblin Black


Prussian Blue
Semi-trans, PB 27:1

Gamblin Prussian


Phthalo Blue

Gamblin Phthalo Blue


Ultramarine Blue
Transparent, PB29

Gamblin Ultramarine

This color has been discontinued by the manufacturer.


Phthalo Green
Transparent, PG7

Gamblin Green


Napthol Scarlet
Semi-trans, PR9

Gamblin Scarlet


Quinacridone Red
Transparent, PV19

Gamblin Red


Titanium White
Opaque, PW7, PW4



Hansa Yellow Light
Semi-trans, PY3

Gamblin Yellow


Opaque, PBk9, PR101

Gamblin Sepia


Transparent Base



Gamblin #000 Burnt Plate Oil (thinner), 8oz

plate oil

Please note:
UPS Ground Shipping within the contiguous U.S. only.


K7739 Gamblin Tack Reducer, 150ml



Gamblin Magnesium Carbonate (white powder, adds body), 100gm

Magnesium Carbonate

Can be irritating if breathed in; use a mask



2 7/8" Skin Papers, Bundles of 500 each

Gamblin Ink skin papers

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