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November 2011

Tips: Holiday Ideas
News: Hello Again, 2012 Catalog and New McClain's Employees

August 2010

Interview: Interview with Koichi Yamamoto
Tips: Monotype Printmaking
News: Welcome Pete, MAPC 2010 & Kites Kites Kites!

April 2010

Interview: Interview with Annie Bissett
Tips: How to Hand Print a Blended/Gradient Roll with Oil Based Ink
News: SGC Philly

October 2009

Interview: Interview with Nick Wroblewski
Tips: Inking with Stencils – Western Style
News: The New Guy & Picts from the Steiner Workshop

March 2009

Products: Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink & Gamblin Relief Ink
Tips: Toning and Sealing Woodblocks
News: Southern Graphics Conference, Richard Steiner Workshops

August 2008

Featured Artists: several
Products: Solarplates
Tips: How to print with Solarplates
News: MAPC Conference, Richard Steiner Workshops

October 2007

Featured Artist: Barry Moser
Products: Resingrave
Tips: Toning Your Resingrave Blocks
News: Hello Josh!

June 2007

Featured Artist: Richard Steiner
Products: Horizontal and Custom Size Bench Hooks
Tips: Transferring Images
News: Good-bye B!

March 2007

Featured Artists: Saltgrass Printmakers
Tips: How to use Nori
News: Kansas City Southern Graphics Conference trade show

December 2006

Featured Artist:Tuula Moilanen
Products: Quikwood, Scratch Foam and MasterCarve blocks

September 2006

Featured Artist: Brian Lane
Tips: Woodcut Tool Sharpening (PDF version - requires free Adobe Reader)
News: Mid-America Print Council Conference in Athens, OH

February 2006

Feature: Pennsylvania Print Symposium
Where: Edinboro, PA
When: March 13 -15th

November 2005

Featured Artist: Daniel Heyman
Tips: Registration with deckled edges (PDF version - requires free Adobe Reader)
Products: 4x6 woodblocks, books, washi cards

August 2005

Featured Artists: McClain's Customers
Tips: Kento Registration System (PDF version - requires free Adobe Reader)
Products: Kento Nomi, Disk Baren, Ategami

March 2005

Featured Artist: Elaine Chandler
Tips: How to Make a Damp Pack (PDF version - requires free Adobe Reader)
Products: Akua Kolor Sets and Nishinouchi Washi (paper)
News: McClain's at Southern Graphics Print Council trade show, McClain's Links, New Logo

December 2004

Featured Artists: Brandon Stahlman, Catherine Kumlin, Alex Prentiss
Tips: How to hone tools (PDF version - requires free Adobe Reader)
Products: Magari Mizu Bake (small water brush), The Art & Craft of Woodblock Printmaking
News: McClain's at Southern Graphics Print Council trade show