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December 2006


We recently interviewed Tuula Moilanen, our 2007 catalog cover artist. She is from Finland and has been making prints and living in Kyoto, Japan since 1989. She also co-authored of one of our favorite books, The Art and Craft of Woodblock Printmaking.


What does it mean to be an artist living in Japan. Is it different from elsewhere?

Tuula Moilanen
Probably artists all over the world share a reputation of "being
something special" or "being a weird outsider". Japan makes no
difference in that sense. Most artists I know in Kyoto belong to either category, whatever their nationality is. But being a foreigner in Japan is surely different than being a foreigner in Europe or in America. After 250 years long isolation in the past, Japan has been open to foreigners less than 150 years. Even today when people are more used to seeing us pale-eyed travelers, there is still a lot of tension and curiosity whenever a "gaijin" steps into the room. Personally I feel good being an outsider. It gives me great freedom from Japanese social patterns. I have no problems being weird either. Living a "normal life" looks a bit boring to me anyway. And, being a Finn (a rare thing!) makes me special in Japan, so I seem to fit nicely into both of my categories.

Click here to see more images and to read the rest of the interview.

Moon Bridge, woodcut, 2000.



Everyone makes carving mistakes! Quikwood is the best putty we have found for repairing woodblocks. It is a strong, fast-setting, hand-mixable, NON-SHRINKING epoxy putty. It feels like modeling clay and looks like a tootsie roll, with the base material wrapped around the curing agent. After it has cured, it is very similar to wood in hardness and density and accepts ink very well.

Just cut or twist off a small amount, mix well and press it into the area you want to repair. Wait about an hour, then sand and carve. When you are ready to print, charge the block with two or three proof prints. After that, you will not see the repair because unlike regular wood putty, which contracts as it dries, QuikWood does not shrink. We do recommend  experimenting with QuikWood on a scrap of wood before using it on a block you plan to print.





E5460 Quikwood Epoxy Wood Repair Putty Stick, $4.79 each.

QUICK PRINTS____________________________________________________________

In addition to woodblocks, we also carry easy to carve materials suitable for children, beginning printmakers, or anyone looking for a fun, quick and easy way to print.


Use simple objects like a pen point or stick to make marks on this dense foam sheet.

Safe for kids of any age as well as adults, since it eliminates the need for any cutting tools!

The surface is so sensitive that any object can be pressed into it to make lines and textures; and tough enough to make sharp, clear prints. No special technique is required, just draw into the surface and print. A great first step for beginners, fun and liberating for experienced printmakers. Print with either oil or water-based inks.

D1800 Box of 12 9" x 12" sheets, $7.95 per box.


Create your own stamps, or carve and hand print as you would linoleum or wood blocks. The soft vinyl material cuts like butter, but holds details and lines without breaking off or crumbling. All sides can be carved. Use woodblock tools or craft knives to carve. It's also easy to cut into smaller sizes as needed.


D1501 2.5 x 2.5 x .75, was $3.25 NOW $2.90

D1502 4 x 4 x .5, was $3.95 NOW $3.55

D1503 5 x 2.5 x .75, was $5.40 NOW $4.85

D1504 4 x 6 x .75, was $8.95 NOW $8.05


McClain's will be closed December 25th through January 1st so we can do inventory and spend time

with our families. Happy Holidays from Alex, Catherine, Ema, and Brandon!