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Woodblock Tools

Futatsu Wari Moku Hanga To

Professional two part woodblock carving tools

Futatsu Wari Moku Hanga To Sets

Moku Hanga Nomi

Woodblock cutting chisels and gouges

Josei Moku Hanga To

Superior quality woodblock carving tools

Josei Moku Hanga To Sets

Namisei Moku Hanga To

Standard quality woodblock carving tools

Namisei Moku Hanga To Sets

Kibori Nomi

Large sculpting chisels

Ko Dogu

Small sculpting carving tools

NT Stencil Cutter

Also cuts paper, wood and linoleum


Wooden mallets

Tool and Brush Carriers

Hanga Sagyodai

Bench Hook

Registration Boards

Namisei Set of Four Tools, original set Namisei Set of Four Tools, original set - tips

Namisei Original Four Tool Set  Save 5%

  • Maru To 3.0 mm
  • Maru To 4.5 mm
  • Maru To 7.5mm
  • Sankaku To 3.0mm

The Sankaku To (v-gouge) is used to outline or create very thin lines; Maru To (u-gouges) can be used to create texture or clear away unwanted wood.

Comes wrapped in bamboo carrier.

Purchase any 4 or 5 Namisei Moku Hanga To and get a 5% discount.
Purchase any 6 or more and get a 10% discount.

Discounts only apply to Namisei Moku Hanga To. To qualify for the discounted price, all tools must be ordered at the same time. The discount is figured automatically when you place your order.

5% Discount

If purchased individually, the price would be $67.10.

  Price Enter Quantity
C2891 Namisei Moku Hanga To, Original Set of 4 $63.75

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