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Western Woodcut Printmaking Kit

Western Woodcut Printmaking Kit

An introductory kit for the curious printmaker who wants to explore relief printmaking with quality supplies. Includes sharp, Japanese-made tools that make carving Shina plywood a breeze and soap & water cleanup ink that rolls out smoothly and evenly on the block. Packed into McClain's Lightweight Tote.

  • 4.5mm Sankaku To (v-gouge)
  • 6.0mm Maru To (u-gouge)
  • Cow Hide Honing Block and Compound
  • 2 - 3/8" 6"x8" Shina Blocks
  • Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink, 150ml tube of Black
  • 11cm Medium Standard Baren
  • Camellia Oil
  • 4" Speedball Brayer
  • 8 sheets of 9x12 Bamboo paper
  • Complete instructions

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