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Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Kit

Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Kit

Start out with all the supplies you need in one convenient package, or share your enjoyment of woodblock printmaking with a friend. This kit contains all of the special supplies necessary to create black and white prints using the Japanese style of printmaking.

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If bought individually: $86.37.

All packaged in a very attractive container, the kit includes:

  • 3mm Sankaku To (v-gouge)
  • 4.5mm Maru To (u-gouge)
  • 18mm Surikomi Bake (brush)
  • 70ml Sumi (ink)
  • 100gm Nori (rice paste)
  • 11cm Baren
  • Camellia Oil
  • two 4" x 6" Shina blocks
  • five Washi Postcards
  • Complete Instructions
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E5900 1.8 lb $77.74

May 2024: Because the 3.0mm Namisei Sankaku To (v-gouges) that normally come with this set are out of stock, we will be sending Aogami tools in place of the Namisei tools. The quality is the same.