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Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Kit

Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Kit

Start out with all the supplies you need in one convenient package, or share your enjoyment of woodblock printmaking with a friend. This kit contains all of the special supplies necessary to create black and white prints using the Japanese style of printmaking.

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If bought individually: $86.37.

All packaged in a very attractive container, the kit includes:

  • 3mm Sankaku To (v-gouge)
  • 4.5mm Maru To (u-gouge)
  • 18mm Surikomi Bake (brush)
  • 70ml Sumi (ink)
  • 100gm Nori (rice paste)
  • 11cm Baren
  • Camellia Oil
  • two 4" x 6" Shina blocks
  • five Washi Postcards
  • Complete Instructions
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E5900 1.8 lb $77.74

Because 4.5mm Namisei Maru To (u-gouges) are out of stock, we will send a 6.0mmm Namisei Maru To in its place at no additional cost. If you prefer that we backorder the 4.5mm Maru To and send it when more arrive from Japan, please let us know in the box marked "Special Instructions" in the shopping cart.