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Moku Hanga Printing Kit

Moku Hanga Printing Kit

This kit includes the supplies needed to print multiple color blocks using the Japanese method, packed into McClain's Lightweight Tote.

  • 15mm Namisei Hira To (Kento registration chisel)
  • 13cm Large Standard Baren
  • Camellia Oil
  • 100gm Nori (rice paste)
  • 2oz Bokuju (black ink)
  • Holbein Paste Pigments, three Primary Colors: Napthol Red Deep, Ultramarine Blue, Hansa Yellow
  • 15mm Surikomi Bake (printing brush)
  • 18mm Surikomi Bake (printing brush)
  • #15 small, flat Steiner Mixing Brush
  • 2oz SavvySoap Hand and Brush Cleaner
  • 3 sheets of 9"x12" Shin Torinoko ,White
  • 3 sheets of 9"x12" Nishinouchi, Natural
  • Moku Hanga Primer by Robert McClain

There is a 15% discount on the Kit: the regular price for everything separately would be $200.31.

  Shipping Weight Price Enter Quantity
E5902 3 lb $180.25