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Baren with takenokawa


Eventually, the barengawa (bamboo cover) on a baren will wear out. Traditional Takenokawa (madake bamboo sheaths) have the ability to glide smoothly over damp paper so when this happens, you want to recover your baren using the same material.

Takenokawa used to be imported directly from Japan, but they are rarely available now. However one of our suppliers found madake bamboo takenokawa from China. These Takenokawa are slightly larger and a little thicker compared to the ones from Japan. Moisten them by rolling them into a damp towel (rung out enough so it wouldn't drip) for 10 or 15 minutes before use and they work fine.

Store at a constant humidity; too damp and they will mold, too dry and they become brittle and crack. Order takenokawa when you need them because they also become brittle with age.

Unless you are experienced at recovering baren, we suggest you order at least two Takenokawa. They can split while you are wrapping them around the baren, and if that happens, having an extra one is very handy.

Complete instructions for recovering your baren are included. A video of David Bull recovering a Baren is in his eBook, Your First Print.

Shipping weight: because we take extra care packaging takenokawa, we add a minimum shipping weight of 1 lb per order.

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A6450 Takenokawa, baren cover, at least 13.5 cm x 50 cm (19.7in x 5.3in) $3.95