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Disk Baren

Disk Baren

This high tech plastic baren was designed by the famous Japanese relief printmaker, Akira Kurosaki. The replaceable disc has tiny bumps on the surface that apply pressure evenly across the paper as you print. When these bumps wear down after extended use, you can simply remove the old disc and press on a new one.

For those who dread the thought of replacing the barengawa (bamboo sheath covering their baren) with a new takenokawa (bamboo sheath), this baren doesn't use them!

Comes with instructions and a sample of Camellia Oil, which is applied to the baren face so it will glide easily across the paper.

5 3/16" (13cm) wide.

Disk Baren

  Ship Weight Price Enter Quantity
A6035 Disk Baren 0.6 $45.00

A6035R Disk Baren replacement disk 0.2 $19.95