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Murasaki Baren

Murasaki Baren

This beautiful, less expensive version of the Hon Baren was created with affordability in mind. It is produced in the studio of a Tokyo baren maker who also makes the traditional twisted bamboo fiber core or Hon (genuine) Baren.

The core of this baren is a hard, hand-twisted synthetic cord that efficiently transfers pressure from your arm to the block.

The soft and medium baren are designed for use on softer, lighter weight papers and for printing details. The coarse baren is designed for printing on thicker, heavier papers and large, flat areas of ink.

We have had very positive feedback about the Murasaki Baren from professional printmakers who feel the performance is very close to that of their Hon Baren. Highly recommended.

A free sample of Camellia Oil is included.

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Shipping weight: 0.4 lb each

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A6025 Murasaki Baren, 12.0 cm, soft: delicate detail, less apt to leave baren marks on paper $245.00

A6026 Murasaki Baren, 12.0 cm, medium: general use, detail $190.00

A6027 Murasaki Baren, 12.0 cm, coarse: large areas $200.00