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Whetstones (Toishi)
Work Sharp WS3000

Work Sharp WS3000®

The Work Sharp WS3000 is a small, tough, horizontal, motorized sharpener. Tools are sharpened on pressure sensitive adhesive-backed sandpaper attached to either a solid glass wheel or a special Edge-Vision™ slotted wheel. Work Sharp can be used to sharpen and hone carving tools, lathe tools, scrapers, putty knives and plane blades quickly and easily.

We have sharpened our own tools on this machine and we strongly recommend it to you. It is reasonably priced, easy to use and you will find that compared to whetstones, sharpening carving tools with Work Sharp is very fast.

The WS3000 has three sharpening stations:

  • Top Side with Tool Rest
  • Chisel and Plane Iron Port
  • Edge-Vision™ Port

Top Side with Tool Rest

Work Sharp top side

Adhesive sandpaper discs are mounted on thick tempered plate glass wheels and quickly attached to the sharpener using a threaded knob. Work Sharp comes with two plate glass wheels and sandpaper discs in 4 grits: 120, 400, 1000 and 3600 (from coarse to extra-fine). So you can have 4 grits on your 2 glass wheels, one grit per wheel surface. It only takes 15 to 20 seconds to change the wheels.

A conveniently placed tool rest (under the person's left hand in the photo above) makes it easy to hold the blade in place while you sharpen it on the top of the wheel.

Chisel and Plane Port

Work Sharp chisel and plane port

The Work Sharp sharpens chisel and plane blades up to 2" wide to a perfect 20°, 25°, 30° or 35° bevel angle without any set up time. This dry sharpening system uses routed airflow from the motor and a special heat-sink design to keep your tools from overheating as they are being sharpened. That means you don't have to worry about damaging the edge you just created or ruining the temper of your tools.

The innovative, patent pending chisel sharpening port uses a ceramic oxide lapping abrasive to remove the burr when you pull the blade out of the port, making sharpening even faster.

Please Note Except for the Kento Nomi, the blades on the chisels that McClain's sells are too short to be sharpened using the port. The handles hit the bottom of the fixture before the blades reach the sharpening disc. Even so, we feel that this machine's other features still makes it ideal for sharpening our tools. Read on...

Edge-Vision Port

Work Sharp Edge-Vision port

Now you can see exactly what you are doing as you sharpen your gouges! The Edge-Vision port and wheel allow you to actually see the cutting edge of tool while you sharpen it, making sharpening of u-gouges and v-gouges easier and more precise than ever before.

Work Sharp provides slotted abrasives in 3 grits; 80, 400 and 1200, so you can coarse grind or hone all of your u-gouges using the Edge-Vision method. Only one slotted Edge-Vision wheel comes with Work Sharp, but you can purchase extras if you would like to keep one grit of sandpaper on each wheel.

Please Note We recommend sharpening a blade for just a few seconds at a time, then pulling it away. Touch the blade to make sure it's not getting too hot. If it feels hot, simply stop and wait for it to cool down or dip the blade into a glass of cool water every few seconds and then continue sharpening.


Motor: Work Sharp has a quiet 1/5-HP motor that produces a high torque maximum wheel speed of 580 rpm. This low-rpm wheel maintains speed regardless of the load placed on it.

Size: 6.5" wide by 10.25" long by 9" tall.

Weight: With one glass wheel in place (the heaviest configuration), the Work Sharp weighs 10.4lbs.

What's In The Box

The Work Sharp WS3000 comes with:

  • 2 tempered plate glass wheels and paper of the following grades for these wheels:
  • 2 sheets of 120 grit
  • 4 sheets of 400 grit
  • 4 sheets of 1000 grit
  • 1 sheet of MicroMesh 3600
  • 1 Edge-Vision wheel and paper of the following grades for this wheel:
  • 1 sheet of 80 grit
  • 2 sheets of 400 grit
  • 2 sheets of 1200 grit
  • Sandpaper eraser made of latex
  • Instructional DVD and manual written in English, Spanish and French

Work Sharp WS3000

includes everything listed under "What's In the Box"

Work Sharp
16.8 lb $279.95

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Parts and Accessories

Leather Honing Kit

Strongly recommended. Frequent honing maintains the edges on your tools for a very long time.

After sharpening, use the Leather Honing Kit to give the blade a final, mirror-like finish. Keep it on your Work Sharp and use it frequently while you carve and before you put your tools away.

  • Tempered Glass Wheel, 150mm diameter
  • Adhesive Backer Leather Strop Disk
  • Chromium Oxide Honing Compound
  • Leather Conditioner: White Petrolatum
Work Sharp leather honing kit
Price Enter Quantity
S4509 1.5lb $29.95

Glass Wheels

Tempered Glass Wheel

150mm diameter

Work Sharp glass wheel
Price Enter Quantity
S4511 1.5 lb $19.95

Abrasives for Glass Wheels

Mirco-Mesh Honing Abrasive Kit

(apply to Tempered Glass Wheel)

  • 1 - 3600 Micro-Mesh Adhesive Disc
  • 1 - 6000 Micro-Mesh Adhesive Disc
Work Sharp honing abrasives
S4513 0.2 lb $14.95

Fine Abrasive Kit

(apply to Tempered Glass Wheel)

  • 4 - 400 grit Aluminum Oxide Adhesive Sandpaper
  • 6 - 1000 grit Aluminum Oxide Adhesive Sandpaper
  • 2 - 1500 grit Ceramic Oxide Adhesive, 2" square (for Chisel and Plane Port)
Work Sharp fine abrasives
S4514 0.3lb $14.95

Coarse Abrasive Kit

(apply to Tempered Glass Wheel)

  • 2 - 80 grit Ceramic Oxide Abrasive Sandpaper
  • 2 - 120 grit Ceramic Oxide Adhesive Sandpaper
  • 3 - 220 grit Aluminum Oxide Adhesive Sandpaper
  • 2 - 400 grit Ceramic Oxide Adhesive Sandpaper
Work Sharp coarse abrasives
S4515 0.2lb $14.95

Edge-Vision Slotted Wheels

Edge-Vision™ Wheel

150ml diameter

Work Sharp slotted wheel
Price Enter Quantity
S4510 0.4lb $19.95

Abrasives for Slotted Edge-Vision Wheels

Slotted Wheel Abrasive Kit

  • 1 - 80 grit Adhesive Sandpaper, slotted
  • 2 - 400 grit Adhesive Sandpaper, slotted
  • 2 - 1200 grit Adhesive Sandpaper, slotted
  • 1 - 6000 grit Adhesive Sandpaper, slotted
S4512 0.2lb $14.95