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Whetstones (Toishi)
three grits of Ceramic Toishi

Ceramic Toishi
fine, medium and coarse Ceramic Toishi

Everyone from beginners to professional artists use ceramic stones. Ceramic stones come in three grits: shiageto (fine), chudo (medium), and arato (coarse). Use the shiageto stone regularly to keep tools in top condition and the chudo stone occasionally when the tool is quite dull. The arato stone is reserved for grinding out nicks.

When you are using ceramic stones, it is a good idea to use a Nagura Stone. These soft stones are rubbed on the wet ceramic stone, creating a paste that aids in sharpening the blade.

  Ship Weight Price Enter Quantity
S3210 Ceramic Toishi, Shiageto (ex. fine: 6000 grit)
2.5" x 7.25"
1.0 $49.95

S3211 Ceramic Toishi, Chudo (medium: 1000 grit)
2" x 6"
1.0 $22.50

S3212 Ceramic Toishi, Arato (coarse: 240 grit)
2" x 8.25"
1.2 $30.80

two grits of Molded Ceramic Toishi

Molded Ceramic Toishi
fine and medium Molded Ceramic Toishi

Molded Ceramic Toishi feature pre-formed grooves for sharpening u-gouges. They also feature ridges that should be used to remove the burr that will form on u- and v-gouges after the bevel side has been sharpened. Do not sharpen the inside face of your tool on these ridges; this will create a second bevel, effectively dulling the tool and it will no longer carve well. The back of the stone can be used as a flat stone for any tool shape so long as the molded side is well supported.

  Ship Weight Price Enter Quantity
S3421 Molded Ceramic Toishi, Shiageto (fine: 2000 grit)
2.25" x 6"
1.0 $67.25

S3422 Molded Ceramic Toishi, Chudo (medium: 1000 grit)
2.25" x 6"
1.4 $56.00