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Relief & Intaglio Printmaking Methods on Resingrave DVD

Relief and Intaglio Printmaking Techniques on Resingrave Blocks
by Richard Woodman

This DVD shows you how to create a relief engraving or intaglio print using Resingrave, an epoxy resin block. Although Resingrave is no longer available, the information can be applied to any engraving surface. Clear, close-up shots demonstrate the correct use of the various hand-held and electric tools and the effects that can be achieved with them. In addition to solid instruction, Richard Woodman offers a wealth of tips accumulated over years of work as a master engraver.

Includes chapters on: How to Sharpen Engraving Tools, Basic Techniques for Wood (Relief) Engraving, Creating Tones and Textures, Pulling a Relief Print, Polishing Resingrave for Intaglio Printmaking, Basic Techniques for Intaglio Engraving, Creating Textures and Tones for Intaglio Engraving and Pulling an Intaglio Print. Bookmarks allow you to skip to the Chapter and then sections within each Chapter that interest you.

An excellent instructional DVD for beginners, and full of helpful ideas for experienced engravers.

Produced by Peter Woodman.

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R2701 DVD, 115 minutes $41.95