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Hanga Bake

Printmaking Brush

Surikomi Bake

Printing and Stenciling Brush

Maru Bake

Round Cornered Brush

Mizu Bake

Water Brush

Magari Mizu Bake

Bent Handled Water Brush

Dosa Bake

Sizing Brush

Steiner Mixing Brushes

Dragon Skin

For conditioning Maru Bake

Tool and Brush Carriers

Surikmoi Bake

Surikomi Bake
Printing and Stenciling Brush
front row, left to right: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm
back row, left to right: 24mm, 30mm, 45mm, 60mm

A beautiful, economical handmade brush used by both student and professional printmakers.

For Surikomi Bake, the brush makers use either all deer hair, or deer hair added to hog hair. Deer hair is very absorbent, while hog hair adds stiffness. Our brushes are the stiffer kind since these work best for moku hanga.

The handles are hand-carved from one piece of bamboo, and hand sewn onto the cluster of bristles.

Soak in water for about 10 minutes before using to help prevent shedding.

Shipping weight: 0.1 lb each

  Size Price Quantity
B4221 Surikomi Bake #1
3 mm (.12in)

B4222 Surikomi Bake #2
6 mm (.23in)

B4223 Surikomi Bake #3
9 mm (.35in)

B4224 Surikomi Bake #4
12 mm (.47in)

B4225 Surikomi Bake #5
15 mm (.59in)

B4226 Surikomi Bake #6
18 mm (.71in)

B4228 Surikomi Bake #8
24 mm (.94in)

B4230 Surikomi Bake #10
30 mm (1.18in)

B4232 Surikomi Bake #15
45 mm (1.77in)

B4234 Surikomi Bake #20
60 mm (2.36in)