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Scratch Foam

Scratch Foam

Use simple objects like a pen point or stick to make marks on this dense foam sheet.

Safe for kids as well as adults, since it eliminates the need for sharp carving tools!

The surface is so sensitive that any object can be pressed into it to make lines and textures and tough enough to make sharp, clear prints. No special technique is required, just draw into the surface and print. A great first step for beginners, fun and liberating for experienced printmakers.

Print with either oil- or water-based inks.

Scratch Foam image, Sharon Mater

Image printed from Scratch Foam onto Nishinouchi paper using Akua Liquid Pigment
Sharon Mater
Portland, OR

Scratch Foam

    Price Enter Quantity
D1800 Twelve 9" x 12" sheets per box $10.95/box