MAPC “Power of Print” Conference | Recap

November 12th, 2022

Daniel represented McClain’s at the MAPC (Mid-America Print Council) conference at Kent State University in Ohio last week. We had an exciting opportunity to sponsor mokuhanga artist Jennifer Mack-Watkins, featured demonstrator at this year’s MAPC conference. Check out Jennifer’s Instragram @mack_jenniferprints for clips and images where she printed “Vanity 1” (below, right) at her demo. Jennifer is a printmaker and educator in a variety of media including mokuhanga. She has studied mokuhanga both in the United States and Japan where she attended the MI-LAB (Mokuhanga Innovation Lab) residency. Presently Jennifer is an adjunct professor at Savannah State University and frequently teaches workshops. It was a real pleasure to see her share her passion of mokuhanga with a packed house at the University of Akron. Find out more about Jennifer’s work at

A big thank you to all the volunteers and staff who made MAPC such a success this year! MAPC conferences are biannual, so expect to see us again in 2024. Keep updated with the latest from MAPC by following them on Instagram @midamericaprint or

NEW at McClain’s!

McClain’s Logo Mugs are limited editions, when they run out we switch things up for the next round, so be sure to grab this one while it’s still here! This time we went with something uniquely Moku Hanga based: “When you know, you Kento”. Kento (pronounced ken toe) is the traditional Japanese registration system for lining up paper to each block. Simple, smart and effective, Kento registration works like a charm every time. If you are unfamiliar with Kento, or if it has been a while since you have last used this method, we have included detailed instructions with illustrations rolled up inside each mug.

We are excited to announce the newest additions to the McClain’s reference book offerings: Mokuhanga Fundamentals: Core Skills to Successfully Make your First Japanese Woodblock Prints and Creative Print: Intermediate Mokuhanga, both by Terry McKenna. Mokuhanga Fundamentals is a practical, comprehensive guide to the Japanese style of printmaking with detailed step-by-step instruction and lots of great photos on the basic techniques of designing, carving and printing from start to finish. Creative Print: Intermediate Mokuhanga takes it to the next level with creative design ideas, transfer, carving and printing techniques to elevate your work.

Terry McKenna is the founder of the Karuizawa Mokuhanga School in Karuizawa, Japan. A student of Richard Steiner, Terry has made a career from Mokuhanga since ’09. He currently lives in Japan, returning to his homeland of Australia and to New Zealand to teach. Karuizawa Mokuhanga School offers residencies and online workshops (links to both). A few pages of each book are available to view through the Maruizawa Mokuhanga School website, which is a wealth of information and includes many video tutorials

The Daily Companion Exhibit is up!

If you haven’t yet, we invite you to check out The Daily Companion print exhibit on our website. The Daily Companion was sparked by reflections about the past two years which brought on a time of isolation and uncertainty. During this time many of us turned to some sort of companionship, whether it was another person, a four-legged friend, the ritual of meditation, the act of brewing tea or coffee, a creative outlet. The prints in this exhibit reflect each person’s response to this theme.

We sent out a call through our 2022 catalog, our previous McClain’s Newsletter and in every package we sent out through August thinking we might get twenty or maybe thirty participants. The actual submission results were astounding; we were completely blown away by the response! Over 100 printmakers contributed work based on this theme and it has created a powerful and sincere body of work that represents this pivotal point in our recent history. The exhibit will be permanently up to view through the McClain’s online gallery page. Thank you so very much to all who participated and made this exhibit such an amazing success.

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