McClain’s Fall 2021 Newsletter

October 2nd, 2021

The McClain’s team are fully vaccinated and we continue to operate with full staffing. Everyone here has remained in good health as we follow social distancing guidelines and continue to use masks when necessary. Wishing you and yours health and safety especially during these turbulent times.

On a lighter note, McClain’s is currently seeking more prints to be included in the 2022 McClain’s printed catalog and online gallery. Submit up to three images. Visit our How To Join McClain’s Gallery page for further information on how to get your images to us and thank you!


We are excited to have a new addition to the McClain’s crew. Meet Bella! Originally hailing from the Driftless region of Southwestern Wisconsin, Bella holds a BA / Concentration from Fairhaven College & Western Washington University of Bellingham, WA in printmaking and textiles and a MFA in Craft from the Oregon College of Art and Craft of Portland, OR in multi-media sculpture and installation. She has experience with a range of printmaking processes with a specific focus on intaglio, relief, and screen printing. She has worked as a printmaking studio monitor and teacher’s assistant at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, WA, delved into lost-wax bronze and aluminum casting at the Chicago Fire Arts Center’s Foundry in Minneapolis, MN, and has participated in numerous gallery shows throughout the Pacific Northwest and nationally. Bella is passionate about the natural world, likes to grow flowers, ride her bike, find glinting treasure-trash, and lately has become quite the book worm. Bella’s personality and fun spirit have given a new boost of energy to the shop and we are thrilled to have her.  

Cranfield Metallics and Wax Drier

Silver, Bronze and Gold have made their way into Cranfield’s line of traditional relief printmaking inks and the results are positively lovely. We couldn’t wait to get them and jumped as soon as the testing requirements for export were passed.  Please note that these metallic inks are traditional linseed-oil based inks as opposed to the Caligo soap-and-water cleanup relief inks we carry from Cranfield. We recommend using Gamsol odorless mineral spirits for cleanup with these traditional inks. You can also use vegetable oil or mineral oil. Cranfield Metallic Relief Inks are available in both individual 75ml tubes and 500 gm cans. All three metallic tubes also come in an attractive boxed set, perhaps something to keep in mind for the holiday season and that special printmaker in your life.

Cranfield Wax Drier has also made its way to McClain’s from across the pond. Mix up to 3% of the Wax Drier paste into the ink on the slab with an ink knife. This modifier will reduce drying time and improve mark and rub resistance of the dried print surface. Available in 75ml tubes.

Introducing NEW Kits!

We are often asked about the materials needed to get started making either water-based or oil-based relief woodblock prints. So, we came up with a kit for both!

Our Moku Hanga Printing Kit features the fundamental supplies needed to print multiple color blocks in the traditional Japanese style. The Western Relief Printmaking Kit includes all of the materials for printing with oil-based inks. Both kits include instructions and come in a handy McClain’s lightweight tote bag. Also, in our catalog we now include a check-off list for items needed for both printmaking methods. We hope this will be a useful reference for those starting out in the study of relief printmaking.

“The Unfinished Print” Podcast

“The Unfinished Print” podcast hosted by Andre Zadorozny dives into the world of what McClain’s is all about: Moku Hanga. Debuted in 2020, “The Unfinished Print” is a series of interviews with creatives involved in the multifaceted world of moku hanga, from print artists, craftspersons, gallery owners, collectors, historians and soon a tool sharpener! Our own Daniel Jasa was recently interviewed by Zadorozny for the next episode that will be available at some point this Fall 2021 about the history of McClain’s Printmaking Supplies and how this small business came to be, the process of making Japanese wood carving tools and tool sharpening. Other podcasts available include interviews with Cam Bailey, Matt Brown, Naoko Matsubara, Laura Boswell, Annie Bissett, Richard Steiner and many more. Visit “The Unfinished Print” podcast website for further information.

A friendly reminder: check out the McClain’s Sale Page periodically for slightly damaged items or slow sellers that are looking for homes

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