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Josei Ryo Ba

Josei Ryo Ba
double edged knife

Special Order Only
Ryo Ba will be ordered when we place our next order from our supplier in Japan. Please allow 3 to 6 months for delivery. You will be charged for the tool when you place the order, and for shipping when we mail the tool to you. Once the order has been placed with the craftsman in Japan, there are no returns or refunds.

  Size Price Enter Quantity
C2774 3.0 mm $19.73

C2775 4.5 mm $20.83

C2776 6.0 mm $22.93

C2777 7.5 mm $26.19

C2778 9.0 mm $28.55

C2779 10.5 mm $31.53

C2780 12.0 mm $34.50

C2781 15.0 mm $36.00

C2782 18.0 mm $37.50

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