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Flow, by Kristen Etmund

Kristen Etmund

Olympia, WA

4 x 3 woodblock with 22k gold leaf

Artist's Picks

Our Favorite Tools and Why

1mm Josei Maru To

1.0mm Josei Maru To
Great for doing detailed curves and marks nearly as narrow as those made by an engraving tool. It's more fragile than a Futatsu Wari tool but it moves more easily through wood.

Josh Hulst

3.0mm Futatsu Wari Komasuki

3.0mm Futatsu Wari Komasuki
Not too big, not too small, this is a great size for clearing out tight areas and general mark making. It's my little work horse!

Alex Prentiss

18mm Josei Maru To

18.0mm Josei Maru To
Want to clear away lots of material quickly? Look no further than this monster! Also a great way to break an unhealthy reliance on finicky detail work.

Andrew Lorish

6mm Futatsu Wari Hangi To

6.0mm Futatsu Wari Hangi To
Great for detail work or outlining large image areas on the block. With this knife, I feel like I have control of the blade and it carves exactly where I direct it.

Daniel Jasa

4.5mm Futatsu Wari Aisuki

4.5mm Futatsu Wari Aisuki
Excellent at clearing away unwanted chatter and softening the edges of your image. Its rounded corners smoothly move through the wood in any direction.

Ally Stinnett

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