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Overstocks, slow sellers or lightly damaged printmaking supplies looking for a good home.
No other discounts apply. Quantities are limited. All sales are final.

Caligo Black cans

15% Off Slightly Leaky Black Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink

99% of the ink is still there, these cans just leaked a little bit around the edges.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
K7600LBS 500gm (1lb+) Black Caligo Ink $26.58 $22.59

Caligo Process Red and Process Yellow cans

15% Off Dented Cans of Caligo Process Red or
Process Yellow Safe Wash Relief Ink

Shipping from the U.K. to Oregon can be problematic so these cans look a bit worse for wear but the ink inside is still fine. Click here for more information about Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
K7613LBDS 500gm (1lb+) Process Red (Magenta) Caligo Ink $45.30 $38.50

K7623LBDS 500gm (1lb+) Process Yellow Caligo Ink $31.38 $26.65

Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop book by April Vollmer

15% Off Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop by April Vollmer

The bottom of the spine has a dent but otherwise the book is in perfect condition. For a longer description, click here.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
R2525S Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop $29.99 $25.49

Natural Sharpening Stone Natural Sharpening Stone

25% Off Odd Shaped Natural Sharpening Stone

Natural stones are quarried from the ground and some stones are smaller, thinner or oddly shaped compared to others. Even so they will work just as well as more uniform ones. The photos here are examples; the one we send you may look different. For more information see Natural Toishi.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
S3002S sizes vary; approximately 1.5" x 8.25" $56.00 $42.00

Bundle of six Shina Blocks

10% Off 5.75" x 7.94" (14.6 x 22cm) Shina Blocks

When we cut down sheets of plywood, we end up with a few blocks that are not quite 6" x 8". Normally the best discount on Shina blocks is 5% for purchasing 12 or more so 10% is a good deal for you! Sold in packs of six only, in 3/8" thick Shina.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
D1284 3/8" Shina, 5.75 x 7.94, Pack of 6 $27.00 $24.30

Masa Dosa Paper without deckle

15% Off Masa Dosa Paper Without a Deckled Edge

There was a miscommunication between our supplier and the papermaker, and as a result the deckled edge on the Masa Dosa we received in our last shipment had been cut off. (The single sheet of paper on top in the photo has a deckled edge, while the stack of paper below it does not.) This is actually helpful for Moku Hanga printmakers who have to cut the deckle edge off their paper anyway. Click here for a description of Masa Dosa.

  Original $ Sale $ Enter Quantity
P6903S Masa Dosa Without a Deckled Edge, 23 x 32 $8.95/sheet $7.60/sheet

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No exceptions.