McClain’s Autumn Newsletter

October 24th, 2019

New: Caligo Process Color Set in 75ml Tubes

Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink Process Color Set – 75ml tubes

The Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink Process Color Set is now available in 75ml tubes. This set comes boxed from the manufacturer and as you can see it is very attractive; wouldn’t this be a wonderful gift for the printmaker in your life, or for yourself? If you have not tried Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink this is a great way to try out the color mixing possibilities at a more economical price. The set includes: Black, White, Extender (Transparent Base), Process Blue (Cyan), Process Yellow and Process Red (Magenta). 

Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink is a linseed oil-based ink that can be cleaned up with soap and water. No solvents necessary! Great for studios where solvents can’t be used – you still get that beautiful coverage of a traditional oil-based relief printmaking ink. Highly pigmented and light-fast, Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink can be used for all relief-based printmaking techniques.  Clean up with water alone sometimes causes the ink to cling so remember the rule “soap before water!” The ink will not reactivate with water after it is fully dry.

75ml Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink Process Color Set – $52.00

(Note: Caligo Safe Wash Relief Ink Process Color Set is still available in the 150ml tubes and 500gm cans)

McClain’s Teacher Page

We have been compiling frequently asked questions that we have received about McClain’s discounts, student orders, purchase orders, quotes etc. and now there is a McClain’s Teacher Page on the website. While you are there, check out McClain’s Learning Center where we offer copyright-free downloadable information sheets that can be passed out to your students. Of course everyone is welcome to use the McClain’s Learning Center!

2020 Catalog Submissions

Interested in seeing your work in McClain’s 2020 Catalog and online gallery?  Now is the perfect time, we still have space available in the hard copy catalog. There is no cost to submit prints to the McClain’s Gallery. Because we specialize in relief printmaking supplies, we accept woodblock prints, Moku Hanga (Japanese style woodblock), linocuts, engravings and monotypes or monoprints. Relief photopolymer images are also accepted.

Space in the catalog is limited so only one print per person is published there, while up to three prints per person are put in the online Gallery. McClain’s reserves the right to decide which prints to accept for publication in our catalog and to show in the online gallery.

Visit the McClain’s website for further information on how to Join the McClain’s Gallery

Left to right: Travis, Jesse, Nicole, Kailtyn, Josh, Christin, Ally, Alex, Daniel, Lex and Dan

Hi from all of us at McClain’s – plus some friends 😊 Every year we go on a company outing before the Holiday season gets rolling. We’ve gone wine tasting in the Willamette Valley, attended an annual Moon Viewing event at the Portland Japanese Garden, an evening at the Portland Art Museum followed by dinner at Shizuku by Chef Naoko, and enjoyed a fabulous time at McMenamin’s Edgefield. This year we hopped aboard the Portland Spirit for a two-hour brunch cruise up and down the Willamette River. And yes, it was windy and rainy (this is Oregon!) but we still had a great time.

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