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Akua Intaglio Modifiers

Akua Intaglio Modifiers

25% Discount

Akua Intaglio modifiers are being discontinued. Quantities are limited to stock on hand and no backorders will be taken.

Release Agent has two purposes when it is used with Akua Intaglio ink. 1) For monotype ghost prints. After printing a monotype, roll Release Agent on top of the residue ink on the plate and pull a second, lighter version of the first print. 2) To add shine to metallic inks. Roll Release Agent over the metallic ink that has been applied to the plate. Wait three minutes and print. (Release Agent is also used with Akua Liquid Pigment to help the ink release from the plate.)

Mag Mix is magnesium carbonate mixed in soy-oil to create a paste used to make Akua Intaglio ink stiffer. It is cleaned up with liquid dish soap followed by water. Mag Mix stiffens Akua Intaglio ink instantly and since the results can be seen immediately, the possibility of adding too much is reduced, compared to using magnesium carbonate powder. Akua Intaglio ink with Mag Mix added in will dry faster and ink rub off on finished prints is reduced. Use with Akua Intaglio, not Akua Liquid Pigment. If necessary, a few drops of Akua Liquid Pigment can be added to the Akua Intaglio/Mag Mix combination to make up for the reduced pigment load. Mag Mix replaces Oil Converter, the original Akua Intaglio ink stiffener.

Transparent Base is the Akua Intaglio ink base without any pigment. Use to increase transparency of Akua Intaglio inks or add Akua Liquid Pigment to Transparent Base to thicken the Akua Liquid Pigment and create new colors.

Blending Medium is used to make Akua Intaglio ink thinner and looser. This clear liquid is cleaned up with soap and water.

High Quantity Discount - Save 10%

Order Blending Medium and Release Agent in boxes of 12 of the same kind for a 10% discount. Please order early since orders may take up to two weeks to fill. Use the "Box of 12" column to place your order.

Shipping Weight: 8.2 lb per pack

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Akua Intaglio Mag Mix Ink Stiffener
8oz/236ml jar



Blending Medium
4oz/119ml bottle

$8.28 Single Bottles (1-11)

$89.42 Box of Twelve


Release Agent
8oz/236ml jar

$13.70 Single Jars (1-11)

$147.96 Box of Twelve