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Creative Print: Intermediate Mokuhanga
by Terry McKenna

Take your study of Mokuhanga to the next step! An excellent companion book to Terry McKenna's Mokuhanga Fundamentals. This unique book takes you to new levels of creative design, transfer, carving and printing to give your work enhanced complexity and visual interest. Conversational in style, lavishly illustrated with excellent, clear photos and packed with tips and techniques. A must-have book for Mokuhanga artists working to build their abilities and produce exciting, contemporary work.

Terry McKenna is the founder of the Karuizawa Mokuhanga School in Karuizawa, Japan. A student of Richard Steiner, Terry has made a career from Mokuhanga since 2009. He now lives in Japan, returning to his homeland Australia and to New Zealand to teach. Karuizawa Mokuhanga School offers residencies and online workshops.

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250pp, soft cover, 11.7" x 8.25" (29.6 x 21cm)

Shipping weight: 2.5 lb

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