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Resingrave Block

Resingrave® 13/16" Block

These hard, white epoxy resin engraving blocks give the same precise, finely detailed and clean edged marks of traditional end-grain boxwood at a fraction of the cost.

NEW! Two Thicknesses - 3/16" Plates plus 13/16" Blocks

Resingrave is now available in thin, 3/16" (4mm) high plates as well as the original 13/16" (21mm) high blocks. The thinner 3/16" Resingrave is etching press friendly while the thicker 13/16" block is designed for letterpress.

Note to letterpress printers: one layer of D1759 Type-High Shim will boost the 13/16" Resingrave block very close to type high. Because the thickness of the block can vary slightly you need to shim it the rest of the way.


Store blocks flat in a dry place at room temperature. Excessive heat can cause Resingrave to become brittle.

Free Sample

If you have not tried Resingrave before and you live in the U.S., we will be happy to send you one small sample for free. Please call 800-832-4264 or email your name and address to

If you live outside the U.S., you will need to pay the shipping, which starts at around U.S.$10.00. Please contact us for the exact amount to ship samples to your country.

We gather requests for samples together and send them out every seven to ten days, when we have a break from shipping orders. Thank you for your patience.

Sizes and Availability
In addition to the standard sizes listed, custom sizes can be created. Special orders may take as long as two weeks to manufacture. There are no discounts on special sizes.

High Quantity Discount

Order 12 or more of the same size and kind of Resingrave and receive a 5% discount. Thicknesses cannot be mixed for this discount. Large orders may take up to two weeks to fill.

Shipping weight in pounds (lb) is shown next to each block size. Block dimensions are given in inches.

Resingrave 13/16" Blocks

  Size (in inches) Ship Weight Price per block Enter Quantity
D1702 2 x 3 0.4 lb $3.60

D1703 3 x 4 0.6 lb $7.20

D1704 4 x 5 0.7 lb $12.00

D1705 4 x 6 0.8 lb $14.40

D1706 5 x 7 1.0 lb $21.00

D1707 6 x 8 1.4 lb $28.80

D1708 8 x 10 2.3 lb $48.00

D1709 9 x 12 2.8 lb $64.80

Special order


Special order:
per sq. inch

Maximum width: 24"
Maximum length: 24"

PLEASE NOTE: The smallest block we can safely cut is
3" x 3"

Allow two weeks for custom orders to be shipped.


Please call our office to place special orders:

Or use the calculator in the right column:

per sq. inch

Width of block
(in inches):
Length of block
(in inches):

Calculated price per block:

Number of blocks:

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