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Basswood Plywood

Basswood Plywood

American Basswood Plywood carves easily and performs similarly to Shina. Shina and Bass are both members of the genus Tilia, as are the Lime or Linden trees found in Europe. Like Shina, you can carve Basswood in any direction and the wood cuts easily without tearing or chipping. Also like Shina, Basswood grows quickly and abundantly, and there is a sustainable supply.

Unlike Shina, the surface of Basswood Plywood has not been finely sanded and it has a texture. This can be incorporated into your print or if you prefer smooth ink coverage, these blocks are easily sanded with an orbital sander or by hand. Instructions on how to do this can be found with our Basic Instructions.

Also, unlike Shina, which uses the highest grade veneer on both sides, the veneer on one side of Basswood Plywood is better quality compared to the other in terms of being more uniform and defect free. So look your block over carefully before deciding which side to use for your print.

3/8" Basswood Plywood can be safely carved on both sides. As usual you need to be aware of how deeply you are carving. If you are printing on an etching press and using heavy pressure, and you have carved both sides of the block, you may see inconsistencies in large image areas of your print. It all depends on how much wood is carved away and how much pressure is applied. We have not heard of anyone having this problem when printing with a baren or on a letterpress.

Free Sample

If you have not tried carving Basswood Plywood before and you live in the U.S., we will be happy to send you one small sample for free. Please call 800-832-4264 or email your name and address to

If you live outside the U.S., you will need to pay the shipping, which starts at around U.S.$25.00. Please contact us for the exact amount to ship samples to your country.

We gather requests for samples together and send them out every seven to ten days, when we have a break from shipping orders. Thank you for your patience.


Receive a 5% discount on orders of 12 or more of the same size and same kind of Basswood Plywood standard size blocks (see list below). This discount is given automatically when you place your order.

There are no discounts on custom orders.

Sizes and Shipping
To maximize the number of blocks from a sheet, reduce waste and keep prices as low as possible, we may lose up to the width of the saw blade (about 1/8") from the dimensions of a block. Exact and custom sizes can be cut for a small additional charge. Please allow two weeks for cutting and shipping custom blocks, blocks larger than 18 x 24, and large orders.

UPS has additional shipping charges for large items. If you wish to know what the actual shipping charge will be before we ship, please add a note in the "Special Instructions" box in the shopping cart asking us to contact you with this information.

3/8" Basswood Plywood

  Size (in inches) Price per block Enter Quantity
D2140 4 x 6 $1.74

D2141 6 x 8 $3.45

D2142 8 x 10 $5.85

D2143 9 x 12 $7.85

D2144 12 x 16 $13.90

D2145 14 x 18 $18.30

D2146 14 x 20 $20.30

D2147 16 x 20 $23.25

D2148 18 x 24 $31.40

Due to the Coronavirus we are very short staffed and no longer able to cut and package blocks larger than 18x24. We will not be able to start again until social distancing requirements ease and we can have more people back in the shop. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

D2149 20 x 24
allow two weeks to ship

D2150 20 x 30
allow two weeks to ship

D2151 22 x 28
allow two weeks to ship

D2152 24 x 32
allow two weeks to ship

D2153 24 x 36
allow two weeks to ship

D2154 30 x 40
allow two weeks to ship

D2155 36 x 36
allow two weeks to ship

D2156 36 x 48
allow two weeks to ship

Special order

  Size Price per block Enter Quantity
D2194 Special order:
per sq. inch

Maximum width: 18"
Maximum length: 24"

There is a minimum charge of $1.00 each for custom cut blocks.

Allow two weeks for custom orders to be shipped. No custom sizes larger than 18x24 are being accepted at this time.


Please call our office to place special orders:

Or use the calculator in the right column:
per sq. inch

Width of block
(in inches):
Length of block
(in inches):

Calculated price per block:

Number of blocks: