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If you use mineral spirits, use the safest kind.

Gamsol is 100%, pure, odorless mineral spirits. It is distilled at high temperatures to purify it of all aromatic components. It evaporates 100% and leaves no sticky residue.

Some artists think odorless mineral spirits are more toxic because they cannot smell them. This is not true. Odorless mineral spirits are less toxic because the aromatic solvent is the part that is hazardous and that has been removed. By using odorless mineral spirits, you cut down on your exposure to harmful solvent vapors.

In three hours, about 20% of OMS evaporates in the air around you. Compare that with the evaporation rate of turpentine, which is so fast that in three hours, approximately 90% has evaporated.

Gamsol has a much higher flash point than turpentine, hardware store mineral spirits or even other odorless mineral spirits; so much so that it is safe to ship by UPS without any additional fees or restrictions.

NOTE: Contains hazardous materials. Ships by UPS Ground within the United States only. No UPS Air shipping is allowed. Due to Postal Service shipping restrictions regarding hazardous liquids, Gamsol cannot be shipped through the U.S. Postal Service, shipped overseas or shipped to freight forwarders. Due to the California Air Resources Board's regulations of Artist's Solvents, 32oz (1 quart) containers Gamsol can be shipped to California, however gallon containers cannot.


  Price Enter Quantity
K7498 32oz (1 quart)
UPS Ground Shipping only

K7499 128oz (1 gallon)
UPS Ground Shipping within the U.S. only, except California